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Get paid $50 per survey Earn Money Online

So you just heard that you could make money online doing different things, but what caught your attention is that you can be able to make some cool cash just answering some random questions about a certain company or product – you want to make money from surveys!

Most people don’t also believe that you can make money taking online surveys because they have undergone one or two websites that didn’t end up paying them their hard earned money.

Fear not! In this article, I am going to show you the best survey sites that actually pay your hard earned cash without excuses.

As a woman in her early 30’s, it is very important for me to help stay at home mothers, students, the unemployed and people looking for extra cash to help guide them in the quest to make that extra dough to support their financial stance.

How Do Online Paid Surveys Work?

You know all those facts that you see when you read articles and write-ups, e.g. “six out of nine people….”, yes, those facts, they are statistics gotten from online surveys. Surveys are actually strategic marketing tools.

First of all, firms want to know what makes their customers interested. What products do they want or appreciate, which stuffs make them annoyed etc.? Most of these firms now send out these results to writers or influencer with great hope that the statistics and the company name will be given accreditation which in turn boosts sales.

Can I Earn Up to $750 per Month using Paid Surveys?

Well, the answer is total; Yes, however, this is possible by signing up for various different survey sites. Each survey sites don’t have a fixed amount of payment in their incentives after survey, most of the sites pay very less from about $0.25 while some other polls try as much as possible to pay you up to $10 per survey.

Also like I said earlier, the incentives are not only cash. Most sites do give out nice gifts as rewards for commenting on their products. These can include products of the company, vouchers, gift items, gift cards, etc.

The reason I also encourage you to sign up for various survey sites is that most survey sites have limited surveys each day/month. Most sites allow you to take about 10 surveys a day or even a month, but this depends.

That is why in this article, I am going to review 25 survey websites that you can virtually earn legit cash from.

So let’s take 2 legit sites, each up to 10 surveys each per month, then an average of $3 for each website then viola!

What You Need

​A Laptop or PC – when you want to start filling out surveys, there is a need for a very comfortable laptop or personal computer. Although you can still make use of your smartphones, it is still very advisable to start up with the PC because most sites don’t load well if used with any other platforms. Surveys are designed explicitly for Computers. It is also advisable to use your own computer and not a public café computer because of security reasons.

Separate dedicated email just for surveys – there is a very strong need that when you want to go into surveying, you need only a master email for all surveying sites and no other. This helps avoid confusions, you can be able to scan through your emails faster, and you can prevent spam emails.

PayPal account – you need this so that you can be able to cash out your hard earned money easily.

Top 2 Recommended Paid Survey Sites to Get Started

It took a couple of years for me to find the right sites that are legit and really pay across tons of survey providers in this industry. These are so far the best survey sites that are worth to apply. Just visit each sign-up link provided in each section, at least the first 10, to get started.

Take Surveys For Cash

Epoll Surveys